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Research - Students Research Projects @ BSRC

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Research - Students Research Projects @ BSRC
Sl. No Title Name Institue Name
1 Bio molecular characterization and anticancer potential of antibacterial peptides isolated from Royal Jelly Aivnash Math USM
2 Anticancer potential of unifloral honey samples from western ghats of India on selected cell lines - An in-vitro study Shruthi USM
3 Augmentation of Cisplatin with Thymoquinone to target chemoresistant ovarian cancer. An invitro study. Shivani/td> BSRC
4 Pluronic-polymer functionalized nanoparticles loaded capacetabine & thymoquinone for targeting colorectal cancer - An experimental study Prasidhi COP
5 Formulation, optimization and characterization of fisetin loaded cubosomes for the treatment of lung cancer - An experimental study Tukaram Kadar COP
6 Development and evaluation of diacerein and aceclofenac loaded topical nanoemulgel for osteoarthritis: An experimental study. Dr. Toufiq Khazi COP
7 Phytochemical fingerprinting of terminalia species from North Central Corridor of Western Ghats using HPTLC analysis Chaitrali Beedikar COP
8 Study of molecular mechanisms of Picrorhiza kurroa and Butea mono sperma antidiabetic medicinal plants. Abhijit Bhatkal BSRC
9 Genetic and phytochemical variation of Leptadenia reticulata Roshan BSRC
11 Synthesis and study of structural, Dielectrical and magnetic properties of Divalent and trivalent Transition Metal doped Nanoparticles Karthik Iyer
12 Molecular characterization of urinary microbiome in prostate cancer patients - A hospital based study Mahmuda Hussain BSRC
13 Evaluation of Antibiofilm agents as an adjunct to antibiotics against bacteria isolated from chronic DFU. Masood Ahmed JNMC
14 Development and evaluation of Silibinin loaded nanoformulations for diabetic wound management: An experimental study. Melvin BSRC
15 Effect of dietary intake & oral iron supplementation on gut microbiota of pregnant women- Longitudinal study Bhagyashri JNMC
Sl. No Name of the Candidate Research Area Research Guide
1 Mr. Avinash A.K. Math Anticancer potential of antibacterial peptides from Royal Jelly Dr. Sadanand Patil (Guide)
Dr. Sunil Jalalpure (Co-guide)
2 Ms. Shruti S. Kulkarni Anticancer effect of unifloral honey samples Dr. Sadanand Patil (Guide)
Dr. Sanjay Mishra (Co-guide)
3 Ms. Nikita N. Kanbarkar Antiobesity potential of Acasia suma in C57BL/6 mice. Dr. Sanjay Mishra (Co-guide)
4 Ms. Shivani Tendulkar Cisplatin andthymoquinone against ovarian cancer Dr. Suneel Dodamani
5 Ms. Prasiddhi R. Raikar Capecitabine and Thymoquinone Nanoparticles for colorectal cancer Dr. P. M. Dandagi
6 Mr. Tukaram K. Kedar Fisetin cubosomes for lung cancer Dr. Sunil S. Jalalpure
7 Mr. Taufik Mubarak Kazi Diacerein and Aceclofenac nanoemulgel for osteoarthritis Dr. P.M. Dandagi
8 Ms. Chaitrali M. Bidikar Phytochemical fingerprinting of Terminalia species by HPTLC Dr. Pramod H.J. (Guide)
Dr. Harsha V. Hegade (Co-guide)
9 Mr. Abhijit Dinesh Bhatkal Molecular mechanisms of Picrorhiza kurroa&Butea monosperma Dr. N. A. Khatib (Guide)
Dr. Suneel Dodamani (Co-Guide)
10 Mr. Roshan K. Sharma Genetic and phytochemical variation of Leptadenia reticulata Dr. Sunil S. Jalalpure
11 Mr. Karthik Krishnan Iyer Study of magnetic and Transport Anamolies in Rare earth based Intermetallics and oxides. Dr. Sanjay Mishra (Guide)
Dr. Shidaling M. (Co-Guide)
12 Mr. Shantinath Latthe Synthesis and study of structural,Dielectrical & magnetic properties of Divalent and trivalent Transition Metal doped Nanoparticles Dr. Suneel Dodamani (Guide)
Dr. Shidaling M. (Co-Guide)
13 Ms. Mehmuda Hussain Molecular characterization of urinary microbiome in prostate cancer patients - A hospital based study. Dr. Suneel Dodamani, Scientist Grade - I, KAHER's Dr.P.K.BSRC, Belagavi.
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