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Cell Culture Research

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Cell Culture Research

Cell culture Laboratory established by BSRC is primarily involved in carrying out research in the field of cell biology, especially those addressing paramount human health issues like cancer, infectious diseases and tissue engineering.

The cell culture laboratory comprises of all basic equipments like CO2 incubator, Inverted light microscope and -800c Deep freezer required for isolation and maintenance of cell lines. We are mainly focused on determining the anti-cancer effect and biocompatibility of herbal extracts, nano- formulations, dental biomaterials and synthetic compounds. All the cell lines used for research studies are obtained from National Centre for Cell Science [NCCS] Pune, India. We are also involved with gene toxicity studies by standerdised Comet assay to evaluate the gene level toxicity of test samples. Extensive hands on training on cell culture techniques are available to interested reseachers.

We aspire to expand our horizon to encompass more extensive research collaborations with other organizations.