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Publications - Published Research Articles

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Publications - Published Research Articles

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Publications - Published Research Articles        
Sl. No Authors from BSRC Title of the Published Research Article Journal Publication Details IF
146 Shivani Tendulkar, Suneel Dodamani, Vijay Kumbar Analyzing the expression of ovarian cancer genes in PA-1 cell lines after the treatment of Thymoquinone Indian Journal of Gynecologic Oncology. 2022 0.8
145 Dr. Vijay Kumbar Adeptgreensynthesis of Cu2O nanoparticles using Kiwi fruit (Actinidia deliciosa) juiceand Studies on theircytotoxic activity and antimicrobial evaluation Journal of Trace Elements and Minerals 2022 --
144 Ramesh Paranjape “A qualitative study exploring the perceptions of MSM/TGW on using PrEP and Rectal Microbicides in India International Journal of Novel Research and Development 2022, 7 (12) 8.76
143 Ramesh S. Paranjape, Ritiha Uppin, MasoodAhmed D.T. "Waning of antibody response among vaccinees who received two doses of Covishield vaccine" Journal of Global Infectious Diseases 2022 --
142 Vijay Kumbar Formulation, optimization and in vitro antioxidant evaluation of tetrahydrocurcumin-loaded ultradeformable nanovesicular cream Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation 2022 2.604
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