Message from Chairman, KLE Society, Belagavi.
          Research plays a pivotal role in nation building. Research institutions provide a platform for innovative and creative thinking in a quest towards building a better and prosperous future for the society at large.

The focus at KLE, especially in the domain of health education and healthcare has always been on knowledge enrichment through relentless exploration. Testimony to this fact is the numerous research projects that have been accomplished at KLE with our national and international project partners.

The Basic Science Research Centre established in 2012 is symbolic of KLE’s commitment to intellectual enrichment. Equipped with the latest technology and techniques in scientific research and with a culture that emphasizes on continual up-gradation, the centre is an ideal incubation centre for students of medicine & pure science, professionals and domain experts from India and abroad.

I would like to congratulate our team of scientists at the Basic Science Research Centre for their efforts supplementing conventional education with the essentials of applied research. They are the torch bearers in KLE’s endeavour of “Enriching lives through education”.

Dr. Prabhakar B. Kore, Member of Parliament [Rajya Sabha]
Hon'ble Chancellor - KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research and
Chairman - K. L. E. Society, Belagavi.
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Dr. Prabhakar Kore Basic Science Research Centre
V. K. Institute of Dental Sciences College Campus, K. L. E. Academy of Higher Education and Research, Belagavi

+91-831-2473777 (Extn-4122)

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