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Workshop on Effective Scientific Writing Skills - 22nd September, 2017


  Dinesh Dhamecha, Sunil Jalalpure, Doxorubicin loaded gold nanoparticles: Implication of passive targeting on anticancer efficacy : Pharmacological Research C -113 (2016) 547- 556.
  Impact Factor - 4.81
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  Sunil Jalalpure, Dinesh Dhamecha, Satveer Jagwani, Dhanashree Patil, Suneel Dodamani. Formulation of thermoreversible gel of cranberry juice concentrate: Evaluation, biocompatibility studies and its antimicrobial activity against periodontal pathogens: Materials Science & Engineering C -2017(in press).
  Impact Factor - 3.4
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  Sunil Jalalpure, Suneel Dodamani. Design and synthesis of novel phenyl -1, 4-beta-carboline-hybrid molecules as potential anticancer agents: European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry- 2017, 128, 123 - 39
  Impact Factor - 3.9
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  NK Nannapaneni, Sunil Jalalpure. A sensitive and rapid UFLC-APCI-MS/MS bioanalytical method for quantification of endogenous and exogenous Vitamin K1 isomers in human plasma: Development, validation and first application to a pharmacokinetic study: Talanta- 2017, Accepted (in press)
  Impact Factor - 4.03
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