Instrumental Analysis and Natural Product Laboratory
          Instrumental analysis laboratory researchers are exposed to several different types of instrumental techniques providing valuable information about the make-up of a test sample, often with trace element analysis capabilities. Instrumental analysis can provide qualitative results by identifying individual elements or groupings of elements in the sample and/or quantitative information by determining the amount of each included element instrumental analysis. An analytical process usually consists of sampling, sample preparation, sample analysis, data interpretation, and report generation steps. Each step is critical for obtaining accurate and reproducible results. The laboratory has remote access through LAN facility for each analytical instruments.
The main goal of the Natural Product studies, BSRC, KLE University is to empower the individuals with skills, spirit and experience required for the capable natural product scientists. This will not only explore the wide biodiversity of India for the lead finding in natural products but also will develop a center for the evaluation of natural products with proper validation in every respect of drug development through natural products. The laboratory facilitates the planning, development and implementation of research projects by providing access to analytical instruments and molecular/microbiological.

The laboratory will be dedicated to promoting the knowledge, use and delight of natural products through educational programme, research and sharing the experiences of scientific validation of herbals for the betterment of the healthcare of the society. One of the great myths about natural medicines is that they are not scientific. The fact of the matter is that for most common illness, there is greater support in the medical literature for a natural approach than there is for drugs or surgery. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the natural approach that can put them on the road to lifelong health. The laboratory will move forward for the betterment of the quality, safety, efficacy and validation of natural products under the prestigious KLE University. 
Dr. Sunil S. Jalalpure
Deputy Director & Scientist
Dr. Prabhakar Kore Basic Science Research Centre, KLE University, Belagavi. 
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Mishra
Scientist - Grade II
Dr. Prabhakar Kore Basic Science Research Centre, KLE University, Belagavi. 
Dr. Dinesh Dhamecha
Research Associate
Dr. Prabhakar Kore Basic Science Research Centre, KLE University, Belagavi. 
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Dr. Prabhakar Kore Basic Science Research Centre
V. K. Institute of Dental Sciences College Campus, K. L. E. University, Belagavi

+91-831-2473777 (Extn-4122)

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